Evesham Township –

Evesham Seal

Evesham Township, originally chartered in 1692, presently has a majority of Democrat voters over Republicans – and an opportunity exists to take 2 seats this Fall on the Town Council.

Our Democrats are Phil Warren, who also serves as Chairman of the Evesham Democratic Club/Committee, and John Bravo, whose family has resided in Evesham for decades.

With several important issues facing Evesham over the next two years, it is important that all voices be heard.

Phil and John offer excellent leadership and organizational skills, and a passion for public service…

They’re running for what they can do FOR Evesham – not TO it.

Had enough?

Here’s your chance.


(With Phil Warren <left> and John Bravo <right>) at one of the best turn-outs the organization has had in years.

Ken Mills is also running – for School Board.   A friend of many decades, Ken is a brilliant organizer, and would serve admirably.