Quotes from our Supporters:


In the words of our supporters –

“I know it’s hard to believe in these times, but what you see and hear from Fred LaVergne, IS Fred LaVergne. If you don’t like what he says, that’s fine, if you don’t like who he is with or where he is that’s fine also, judge him by what you see and hear. Then watch what he does and watch a decent human being doing the best he can for his country while engulfed in a sea of greed and dishonesty. The only way to clean out a nest of Vipers is from within.”

Leonard Marshall

(Leonard Marshall, incidentally, is the former chair of the New Jersey CONSERVATIVE Party, and a Constitutional Scholar.)

“Hard working, dedicated and willing to cut through politics. Not beholden to the party machine, Frederick John LaVergne is willing to work hard and EARN your respect and vote.

Please take some time and learn about why he will make a great Congressman for all of us!!”

Richard Douglass – Plumbers and Pipefitters Local # 9

“When Tom MacArthur goes to sleep, he checks for Fred LaVergne under his bed”

– The Lacey Reporter (from editorial “George Gilmore for Congress”)

“…asking you all to support a neighbor of 24 years, a man that has always been a great example and active member of the community. I know for a fact this man is in it for the working man like us ..HES IN IT FOR ALL THE RIGHT REASONS . Hes not afraid to fight the good fight and he is doing so for all of us . People like us and he deserves all the support he can get so please like share and vote for Frederick John LaVergne for Congress ….we know the system is corrupt the only way to change it is to support the ones that are not afraid to fight the good fight and can not be bought.”

– Butch Stayton Jr.

“Also…When you vote DON’T VOTE ON PARTY LINES…Vote for PEOPLE who care…Like veteran supporters like Chris Brown, Frederick John LaVergne, Frank LoBiondo for Congress , Senator Menendez. U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Allen, and of course U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders…..”

Tom O’Donnell, Stockton University’s Office of Veterans’ Affairs