Help ME Stop TOM.

New Jersey’s Third Congressional District presents a genuine opportunity to “flip the district”, taking control of the Congressional Seat for “the People”, rather than for the local political machines.

Had the DCCC supported us as promised, we wouldn’t be replacing Tom.

Remember that.

As a centrist “Bradley” Democrat, I have been able to cultivate sufficient active support among our rank and file Democrats, as well as that of independent voters – and even disaffected Republican voters, tired of the corruption in the “friends and family plan”.  The opportunity this presents is unprecedented in District Three.

We’re finding that voters normally averse to a “Democrat Line” candidate due to partisan loyalty are more than willing to accept a candidate free of the shackles of the existing political machines.

We proved that resoundingly in the June 2016 primary, nearly doubling the votes of the Norcross-supported challenger.

The voters supported us for our message and our principles, and not simply because we were the “favorite son”.

As such, I need YOUR help and support.   Your contributions, great or small, are the “gas in the tank” to get us across the finish line in first position in the next election.

Can we defeat Tom and his millions?

Yup, but everyone has to show up on election day.


In WILLINGBORO, we received 91% of the vote (Tom’s numbers are as true as anything that comes out of the mouth of Sean Spicer, just like his now-reported 2600 wheelchairs)…

In MOUNT HOLLY, we defeated him by 20%.  20% in Republican Mount Holly, where their headquarters is, and where Kasich came to campaign for MacArthur.

We beat him by 20%.

Yesterday’s rally was inspirational…I am renewed in vigor because of it.

A strong Congress balances the Executive.  I don’t intend merely to serve.  I intend to lead.

Stand with me.

We don’t need millions and millions to take this seat.  We simply need “enough”.

If you will support us, please use the link above/below to donate to our campaign, and share with others you feel would be willing to help.

Thank you


Frederick John LaVergne, Democrat for Congress,

New Jersey Congressional District Three