From a retired teacher….

Gerry Blasczak Marshall Fred, we are voting for u. Don’t know why njea is telling us to vote for ur opponent. I’m an old time demo from Hudson County.


Frederick John LaVergne Gerry – most teachers, cwa employees, police officers, corrections officers, and paid fire fighters in our District KNOW we’ve stood with them from the beginning. My opponent supports the PEARSON/PARCC debacle, wants to break the unions in favor of “Teach for America” in the takeover of public school dollars by private for-profit charters…another fight I’ve been in for a LONG time. The endorsement was at the instruction TO Mr. Steinhauer and friends FROM George Norcross – back-channel confirmation on that. Same as the unions…funny how the leaders “endorse” Mac, or “choose not to endorse”, but the rank and file are still with us. They know Norcross, normally not someone to trifle with, is absolutely TERRIFIED we’re going to win this seat, because our anti-corruption efforts are toxic to the petit fiefdom he’s created here in South Jersey. North Jersey dems are already making with the “David and Goliath” jokes – and well they may. The DCCC CAME TO ME in March, and were supporting us until multi-million dollar donor GN made a phone call. His local bag-man even made calls trying to stop us in the primary. I believe the record-setting result in June, ignored in the Norcross-controlled Press, showed everyone he is less relevant than he once was. Our aggressive efforts against the corrupt Republicans under Gilmore in Ocean County are a matter of record. My job will be to go to Washington to legislate on our behalf – on ALL our behalf – at the FEDERAL LEVEL. Our activities at the State, County, and Local level will continue in earnest, only now with the power of a Congressional Office behind them. That the State Organization and the DCCC should seek your local dollars and leave YOUR nominee twisting in the wind won’t matter. We’ve been careful stewards of our limited resources, and you will note that the newspapers, all in by instruction to maintain the status quo, have failed to report ANY polling numbers. They exist, and we have them. Suffice it to say, those numbers make me smile ear-to-ear, and do not please our detractors. Whomever ends up at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue after January 20th, the Checks and Balances of our Constitution are what protect us most…and require a strong Congress, that sides with THE PEOPLE, not the “interests” of a limited few. We will be praying at our office on Saturday – but not for victory. We will be praying for Wisdom, Unity, and Discernment. We MUST protect the Nation we’ve built, no matter who is at the helm. I thank you for your vote, and hope you will ask ALL your friends to do the same. Be bold – it has never mattered as much in our lives. Thank you. Fred.

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