This changes EVERYTHING.

“Nonetheless, it moves.” – Galileo Galilei


In a stunning work that spans more than 600 detailed and fascinating pages, within which is reproduced hundreds of actual copies of portions of rare government and private books, journals and manuscripts, some never made available to the general public at large before, and with all factual historical claims supported by page after page of meticulously detailed endnotes, American Constitutional Historian Eugene Martin LaVergne has brought together for the first time in the Nation’s History all of the irrefutable proof in one place to show that the Real “First Amendment” proposed by Congress to the State Legislatures in September 1789 was actually fully ratified and consummated into Federal Constitutional Law more than 220 years ago. And as the United States Archivist said in 2010, “Had this been ratified, there would be far more than 435 Members of Congress – nearly 6,000”. With a nation that is today so deeply politically divided by a People resenting the effect of money in politics caused by the Supreme Court’s Citizen’s United decision, exacerbated all the more by a People feeling that our Federal Government has become unresponsive to their concerns and unaccountable to their needs, this stunning historical discovery could not have come at a better time in our history. As the People all soon are informed and come to realize and accept that Article the First is already part of the United States Constitution, this will inevitably be the catalyst for a peaceful Revolution and the immediate and unstoppable reformation of the composition of the size of the United States House of Representatives, all done by the People themselves simply speaking up and taking back the power that they were promised by our founding documents but then wrongfully denied.

A must read for all Americans.

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By Scott Neuman on October 27, 2016
Amazing history piece on one our least known Amendments to the Constitution. Everyone is afraid of this amendment because it destroys gerrymandering and it does it with the Bill of Rights. Who knew the Bill of Rights has 12 amendments, not ten? Why is this never taught in our schools. LIke the Right to Bear arms amendment, this one did get away from us. More amazing was it was short one states vote from being ratified into giving us 50000 people per Congressional District. Now the kicker. LaVergne found one state in 1790 that voted yes for the amendment and never delivered their vote to Congress. That vote gives us a ratified amendment and a new Congress for the People.
By aliteralmind on October 28, 2016


LaVergne walks us deliberately and meticulously through hundreds of years of legal history, demonstrating how the United States Constitution’s original Article the First has *already* been the law of the land for more than two centuries. He takes the reader back through history to the original source documents, as stored in the national and various state archives. The reader is encouraged, and given specific instructions on how, to see the original documents for themselves.

So why hasn’t it been recognized? Because copy machines didn’t exist in the 1700s. After ratification, the humans who duplicated the original document by hand made a typo that profoundly changed its meaning. That mistake has propagated its way through history, as if *it* were the truth. But misunderstanding the truth does not change it. It’s already the law.

Article the First states that a United States Congressperson must represent no more than 50,000 people. Must. The United States House of Representatives currently has around 450 members, each representing more than 700,000 people. This means that there should actually be more than 6,000 members. While buying off 450 politicians might be manageable to the 1%, buying off 6,000 is not. And in one fell swoop, overturning Citizen’s United is no longer as important, and our government is truly given back to the people in what LaVergne calls a “bloodless revolution.”

Article the First is not recognized as law of the land because if it were, the political elite wouldn’t be so elite anymore. LaVergne’s book is the most important and intriguing constitutional mystery in our nation’s history, and the culmination of decades of dedication and research in the face of incredible resistance by those in power.

Can’t recommend it enough.

Video of a talk given to a Tea Party group in Medford, New Jersey back in 2013.  

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