Unbelievable – Tom gets the TPP right without ever reading it.


I could not believe my ears, yesterday.

My opponent claims to stand against the TPP, BUT openly admitted to the Editorial Review Board of the Asbury Park Press that he has neither read the agreement, nor the “27 Executive Summaries” with which he has been provided.  (There are THIRTY Chapters, not 27, but you would need to find that outside what our Congresspersons have been shown, as it’s not available in complete form on any searchable US Gov’t database as of a few weeks ago. I got OUR copy from a friend in NEW ZEALAND). I HAVE read it, repeatedly, and not just “summaries” – and I absolutely do NOT support the TPP.

While I am glad that he stands against it, I can only wonder “on whose advice/orders?” – he stated unequivocally that he has NOT read the documents, or even the summaries.

That’s THE JOB, dammit.  Legislating is not a coin toss.

Anyone who was baffled by the claim of Nancy Pelosi that you “have to pass it to see what’s in it” with respect to ACA should be more than disturbed at this.

Cuts both ways.

Yes, he got the right answer – but we’re supposed to be voting for a Congressman who gets it right because THEY KNOW THE ANSWER – not because the “teacher gave it to them”.

No wonder he supports teaching to the test.

There was a moment of dark humor in the Editorial Review when this came out, because the Constitution Party Candidate, Lawrence Berlinsky, also professed to stand against the TPP – because he, like I, had read it – and then shared he had gotten the full copy from OUR web-page.

You can read all thirty chapters here – but make sure you can set aside serious time for this veritable phone book of a document of politicians translating English into English.



Want real representation?


LaVergne for Congress.

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