Burlington County Times Editorial Review Response: (Voter’s Guide)

I was given only 1000 characters to articulate our planned legislative efforts, answering the single question, “What is your top priority?
I submitted the following:
“I am promoting a five-point legislative plan.
The priority issues in our campaign for District Three are as follows:
Jobs and Infrastructure – bringing manufacturing jobs back to the district – protecting JBMDL jobs by expanding the mission to include education of our veterans and active duty military – preparing them for successful re-integration into civilian life.
Social Security Reform – removal of the “earnings cap”, to insure solvency for the future, and to reduce individual contributions while providing an increase to benefits being paid out to compensate for increases in the cost of living.
Health Care Reform – expediting care for our Veterans and Seniors, making the vision of “Affordable Health Care” a reality.
Veterans Issues – Education, Health Care, Survivors’ Benefits, PTSD treatment
Environmental Issues – protecting our resources and wild-lands – and fighting continued reliance on fossil fuels. I stand specifically against the so-called “Southern Reliability Link
Naturally, with only 1000 characters, only the most superficial discussion was possible.
I hope that those reading this will take the time to visit our web page, FJL2016.org, to learn more about what we’ve done, what we’re doing, and what we will do.
If you support our efforts, please share this message with those you care about.

2 thoughts on “Burlington County Times Editorial Review Response: (Voter’s Guide)

  1. Christopher Thomas November 6, 2016 at 6:33 am - Reply

    Fred, I am a fellow Stockton Graduate, resident of Ocean county and undecided voter interested in your views. Your five point plan puts you on safe footing for sure. However, their are many issues facing the US today that need to be addressed and sometimes you might have to go out on a limb and take a few risks in Congress to resolve them. Since, there is not enough time or space for you to comment and address them all. Please express your position on just a few of them such as, woman’s rights and her right to choose and marijuana decriminalization. If you are elected as a Representative, Please look into the corruption and criminal business practices that fuel New Jersey’s high cost of maintaining it’s infrastructure which is one of the highest in the country. We need to stretch the budget as far as we can to get this work done.

    • fjl2016 November 6, 2016 at 9:13 am - Reply

      Christopher, I am all over the subjects you raised, and many more. The condensation is for the benefit of those who have little time for political discourse, and want only the high points.

      Our campaign is up to much. By the way, take a moment, today, and say a silent prayer for fellow Osprey, Joseph Hathaway. He was killed in an auto accident a few nights ago.

      You may call me at 609-276-1630 – (text your name, then call, so I know to answer – we’re getting thousands of calls, especially after the release of my brother’s book.

      I can tie the corruption in the Transportation Trust Fund DIRECTLY BACK TO MY OPPONENT…but there is not sufficient time left to make it a campaign issue.

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