A disturbing trend, but a trend we can fix…

Please Read, and understand how this saddens me.

ACA is a great first step.  Health Care for All is here to stay, but there is still much work to do.

Dr. Sean Porbin is an old-fashioned family practice physician…one of the last of a dying breed.


Sean Porbin

July 25 at 11:05am ·

This a monumental personal decision…
I don’t think I will continue to round on hospital inpatient service any longer.
If you know me, it can be be understood as a surrender on several levels.

The path of least resistance to use the Hospitalist Service has been taken by most. I’m one of the last hold outs that still follow the patient relationship into the hospital and to the office, home, skilled facilities, hospice… I gave up delivering babies in 2003 when the insurance cost became prohibitive. 
We were trained old school with the one main cornerstone to the doctor -patient relationship… continuity. 
Continuity was ALWAYS considered the key to good care.

I’ve held out perhaps due to principle. Patients used to be pissed if they didn’t see their doctor in the hospital… now they ask “what the hell are we doing there?”

Patients no longer value it or know to demand it.

Regulations and coding, culture and entitlements all seem to have played a role. 

Nevertheless, my cross coverage threw in the towel 3 years ago and solo 24/7/12 driving an hour round trip to round daily is a sacrifice.

Sacrifice must have meaning to be endured.


Dr. Porbin is a friend of decades, a fellow scholar, a talented and committed family physician, and a fellow patriot. We don’t agree on certain things, but both feel a hitch in our heartbeat as the flag passes, and both would gladly stand between our Nation and its usurpers – from without, and from within.

Dr. Porbin has run an old-school family practice – which was, indeed, my own goal, years ago – but, as we all know, “life happens”. He is a good man, a good father, and a good doctor – and his absence in that part of our health care system will be sorely felt in his community.

PLEASE READ his story, as his career reaches yet another government-inflicted crossroads.

We are working very hard to bring change to the Health Care System….Affordable Care was the first step. Now, we need to turn that into a journey toward true National Health Care for All.

This can be done. It is purely a matter of “Political Will” versus “Political Won’t”.

Consolidation and streamlining of ACCESS to care – removal of red-tape in diagnosis, treatment, and, dare I say it, PAYMENT are the three things that will make this work.

The Insurers won’t like it – and look who I’m running against – “Future Lobbyists of America’s” poster boy.

If you want change in CD3, and CHANGE, NATIONALLY, we need your help.

The establishment ON BOTH SIDES are standing squarely against us. YOU, the VOTERS, showed affirmatively who you prefer to lead this District, and to Serve the People.

We need you to vote…to encourage others to do the same…to help those as yet unregistered find their voice, and, naturally, to contribute to our cause for “housekeeping” and “marketing” expenses.

We’re not running to be an employment agency for consultants, as some would have preferred. We’re not running to settle for protecting the base vote and a “good showing”.

We’re running to win – be it by a landslide or a photo-finish.

We need your help.

Volunteer – Share – DONATE, if you can.



I have put in over 2200 miles around the district in only the last 10 days. Should crack  nearly another 200, today.  We will start posting itineraries in August at fjl2016.org, so you can meet up with us and share YOUR perspective.

There’s a mission – and I don’t care if the engine cuts out immediately after crossing the finish line, as long as the checkered flag was waved for OUR team.

We don’t need millions to take back this seat – Just “ENOUGH”.

Help where you can.


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