2018 Begins NOW…

The “Gentleman” who presently occupies the Congressional Seat that belongs to the citizens of this district has proven himself, in the first few months of his second term, to be exactly what I declared him to be – an establishment puppet who is bought and paid for by the special interests.

We are focused on Federal Issues, as before, but I can assure you that the authority of the Congressional Seat will be used to promote the will of We, the People.

As such, I need your help.

I will be touring the district from now on – calling on each and every community in Congressional District Three.  These are not “photo opportunities” to make my web presence more appealing.  They are opportunities for YOU to make known to me your input and opinions on what we’re doing – especially as concerns our “Five Points” – and for you to inform me as to what other Federal issues are significant to YOU.  Naturally, I can think of many, many new issues that have arisen just in the past few months.

If we are to take this Seat back from the power-brokers – ON BOTH SIDES – then our already strong, grass-roots effort must be expanded sufficiently to achieve victory.

We WILL need to raise money in this race – it’s a practical reality.  Our intention is not to waste such funds on Negative ads, but, rather, to invest in promoting Voter turn-out and civic engagement – especially by those not beholden to the present corrupt detente.

This IS a Revolution – and, if we are to take America back, let it begin here.

If you are willing to help our efforts, click the link below to donate…

This link is specific to the 2018 campaign.



If you are willing to volunteer, e-mail me personally at FJL@fjl2016.com (yes, the old address still works)


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