Month: July 2016

“If there is to be a battle for the soul of our Nation, let it begin here.” – FJL

240 years ago, two days before Christmas in 1776, General Washington ordered Thomas Paine’s pamphlet, “The American Crisis”, read aloud to the assembled Continental Army. They were preparing to depart on the march toward Trenton from the winter encampment at Valley Forge. “These are the times that try men’s souls: The summer soldier and the…

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National Education Association Questionnaire, with my annotated responses.

  (These answers are my own – not prepared by a paid staffer.) Submitted July 5th, 2016 Questions – (please see explanations attached) 1  Do you support requiring each state, as a condition of receiving federal ESEA funds, to submit a plan outlining how—over a period of years—it will remedy disparities in educational tools, services,…

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League of Conservation Voters – Questionnaire and Responses. Twenty questions that outline where I stand.

League of Conservation Voters Congressional Candidate Questionnaire 2016 Congressional Election Hi Fred, Attached is LCV Action Fund’s Candidate Questionnaire. After you return it, I would be happy to discuss next steps. I will be out of the office in Philadelphia but happy to talk in August. Sincerely, Craig   Q.1 – Endorsement: Do you want…

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